Beyond picking up the Guerrilla Reissues’Sitar Beat” compilations and 12″s, digging for Bollywood funk can be frustrating:

Are there good LPs available in your area? (*)

Are the LPs in good shape? (**)

Is there actually some funk on there somewhere? (***)

If the answer to these questions is “yes”… then count yourself lucky or hard working and enjoy the spoils of your luck/labour.

Featured on Sitar Beat Vol. 1, R.D. Burman’s “ROCKY” soundtrack is a taste of the goods…

Below: “Aa Dekhen Jara”

(*) Obviously, India is the best place to find Bollywood LPs but perhaps your town has a “Little India” community(?) The internet is also a good bridge to the Indian stacks, but it’s always nice to actually see the LP you are purchasing, and shipping from India takes a very long time (4-8 weeks).

(**) Most of the really good Bollywood LPs are over 30 years old – buyer beware.

(***) Although there are many outstanding funky Bollywood soundtracks, there are also many many others that fail to deliver the raw horns and hard beats that characterize the gems in this genre. Buying blind with fingers crossed will undoubtedly lead to a crate full of sweet sappy Indo-love songs. Again, buyer beware.

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