Milt Jackson – “I’m Not So Sure”

Another outstanding piece from Milt Jackson. The intro is crackin’!!

I got this from The Record Collector on Melrose Ave. in L.A. a while back. It was an odd dig to say the least…

All the LPs were arranged alphabetically (all genres, styles etc lumped together) and none of the records were priced. When I inquired about pricing, the old fried-out kook manning the fort said:

“I need to call the owner to find out how much…”

I showed him 2 records, he made the call, and he gave me a price:

“$10 each.”

When it was time to make my purchase I was annoyed to find that the poor old guy was so burnt he needed help with the calculator (to add 10 plus 10). Somehow, even with my help his price came to $35.

I argued that “$10 each for 2 LPS is $20″…

The reply:

“…well this one has this guy (pointed to David Axelrod on the back of the LP)… so… it’s more. People really want his records.”

I laughed. Obviously, I just needed to get things sorted and get out the door.

When I asked how late the shop is open, he scrawled on the back of a business card.


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