Get Out Of My Life Woman

This great funk song (originally penned by Allen Toussaint) has been professionally covered (a lot)… In addition to the cd track listing below, it has been rehashed by the likes of: Jimi Hendrix (w/ Curtis Knight), The Sidewinders, Wilmer & Dukes, and Thad Jones Joe Williams & the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra to name a few more…

Most versions have tasty drum break intros and several of these have been heavily sampled by so many hip hop acts it’s hard to keep track. (*)

Lee Dorsey
Bill Cosby
Solomon Burke
Albert King
The Mad Lads
The Butterfield Blues Band
The New Apocalypse
Grassella Oliphant
Iron Butterfly
The Love Exchange
The Fireballs
The Leaves

(*) Public Enemy, Masta Ace, Blackalicious, De La Soul, Common, Arsonists, Cypress Hill, Black Moon, Biz Markie, Grand Puba, Wu Tang… and many more have sampled just the the Lee Dorsey intro alone.

More to come…

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