Bail Out

With all the financial woes of the world lately, the term “Bail Out” has been overused to the point of exhaustion… For most of us, this term is over our heads, misunderstood, or otherwise unimportant.

With this in mind, here are two Bail Outs any vinyl junkie or funk & soul lover will understand.

D.J. Rogers’ Bail Out is featured on the fabulous AEIOU2 mixtape compiled by Diplo and Tripledouble. The opening sinister sounding guitar growl is quickly accompanied by a hard but simple beat and Rogers’ pained vocals lamenting the “unpaid bills” and other assorted woes. This song is a really good listen overall, and will be relevant as long as people are living beyond their means in a mean world. Super funky and super rare.

The Maxayn version of Bail Out offers a much fuller “funk” sound. Funky as a mosquito’s tweeter the crispy, sizzlin’ beat, spine popping bass (reminiscent of the “good” Rose Royce tracks) and flanged-out synth keys and effects combine to form an A+ funk anthem that will not be soon forgotten.

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