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Many amazing tracks out there seem to be priced out of this world; the track may have a sought-after sample or beat, the LP or 45 could be extremely rare, or maybe it’s so good no one is selling it. Whatever the case, in times like these the trusty “compilation” LP comes in handy.

For example, Bob & Earl’s “Harlem Shuffle”:
(click 45 to hear)

This bustlin’ hit, while quite rare in its original format can also be found on this goofy thrift store discard:
(pictured below)

The Loading Zone’s “I Can’t Please You” is another song that falls into this category.
(click LP to hear)

Although The Loading Zone’s self-titled LP (pictured above) can be found with reasonable frequency, sadly they are often “well used” to the point of being used up. If you ever find this LP in the stacks, make sure you check the vinyl’s condition – it’s probably trashed. If not, snatch it up!

In the meantime, The Groupquake compilation features this track and can be found in most dollar bins.
(pictured below)

Recently I discovered an outstanding rock compilation called The Core Of Rock Vol.2. This LP features some great acts including: The Blues Project, The Enemys (A+ “Hey Joe” cover), Eric Burden & The Animals, and “Camel Back” by A.B. Skhy. This one might not be “almost free”, but it won’t break the bank and is worth picking up due to the scarcity of some of the featured music.

In other instances, compilations can simply be a great way to “introduce” or deepen an untapped genre or sub-genre. Whether it’s psyched out rock from the Middle-East or mesmerizing funky beats from Africa or straight-up Jazz, compilations provide good buck to bang ratio. If you know and like an artist featured on a compilation, it is likely that you might enjoy the other unknowns sharing the wax.

Many labels have dedicated themselves to making solid well thought out products. Crisp, beautifully designed gatefolds with photos and band info printed on the inside add value to any LP and although many purists would disagree, a little remastering on the sound usually doesn’t hurt.

Below are several noteworthy compilations:

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**Note: Some “As Seen On TV”-type records can feature over 10 full length songs/side. Unfortunately, even the best vinyl science cannot overcome the overload of information and sound quality is compromised. These LPs are cheap and not great for discerning ears however, they are still valuable to any digger if the music is new and worth listening to.

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