…Come Equipped: the portophonograph

While out in the trenches, it can be frustrating to find a record that looks interesting, but without knowing… could be a flop.
“If only they had a listening station here.”
You know the feeling (especially painful if the LP is expensive, or if funds are tight).

Thankfully, since music is a luxury in life, various “luxury” items have been created that can lend an ear to silent wax.

For example:

Years ago, a close colleague of mine came across a sweet little machine made by Audio Technica called the Sound Burger (pictured above). Although there are many “portable” turntables, the ultra-slim design of this player makes it one of (if not “the”) best phonograph for the road. It is battery powered and ready for the headphones – truly a digger’s delight.

I have a larger, more cumbersome effort from Columbia. Although I don’t use it much, I like the retro toy aesthetic of the GP-3 (pictured below).

If the vintage/kitsch thing isn’t working for you, currently there are several other viable options for the more modern record nerd.

Vestax “Handy Trax”:

Numark “PT01”:

And I’m sure there are a few other bandwagoneer efforts as well.

In the end, whether you bring your machines or not, the important thing is to get out there and check out some records. Trust your insides and learn from the dig whether you come home with gold or coal. Realistically, knowing what not to buy is at least as important as knowing what to buy.

Dig deep and dig often – good music is great for the heart and soul.

PS. The Vinyl Killer is pretty cool also
PPS. recently available!!.

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