AUDIOPILE (Vancouver, BC)

The name says it all…  Literally, expect to hear anything from any genre blasting through the speakers at this Commercial Drive (YVR) record shop.  Audiopile has a bit of everything.

The merchandise is very like the personality of the area – a little ‘edgy’ and very very eclectic. Lately, I have seen: Smiths & the Cure records, Van Der Graaf, Amon Duul II, other semi-rare to rare rock (even some punk & metal), jazz, soul, & funk items. In general, the selection is pretty wide and there are usually some LPs worth digging up.

In addition to the stacks of used LPs, Audiopile also sells 45s, CDs, and has a really good selection of sealed, well-priced, modern vinyl reissues: David Axelrod, Can, Chocolate Watchband, Galaxie 500…

There is a turntable/headphones setup at the back of the store (be nice, ask for permission* & mind the queue**) which is a blessing considering the wealth of LPs spread out over a large selection of musical tastes – in short, it helps to know what you are looking for. That said, this is a good store to try your luck – buy something you don’t know. Find one that looks interesting… …roll the dice.

The staff are friendly, the selection is good, and the prices are affordable. Isn’t that all we need??


PH: (604) 253.7453

2016 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4A9


Specialty: Used & new vinyl; Rock/Indie/Metal/Psych

**Pricing: Fair – Free (yes, I have been given records for free…)

**(Scale: free, 2, 3, 4, fair, 6, 7, 8, 9, rip-off)

* Vinyl merchandise is delicate; most LP stockers appreciate when you show respect; demonstrate that you know how to handle the goods. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than seeing a record novice clumsily fumble through the LP extraction only to drop the wax while stepping on the exposed gate-fold cover… faux pas does not even come close.
** “Mind the queue”: Be aware of others are waiting and generally keep listening to a minimum. Dropping the needle on a ton of new music is bliss, however in a retail setting one should be reasonable; checking LP condition & confirming music quality are acceptable – having a private radio session..? Perhaps not.

-The clearance stacks at the entrance often hold some good deals – always worth a quick look.
-Audiopile will stamp a card for every $10 and give back $10 for a full card (10% off every $100).

Purchased at Audiopile:

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