Killing Me Softly… (the next vinyl killer)

Rhealistik Vinyl Player

Pictured here, Korean design student Rhea Jeong‘s concept piece is a beautiful look into the possible future of musical enjoyment.

…a magnetic and auto-calibrating control system which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music.” (

It’s always interesting to see something truly fresh and innovative in the dusty Vinyl world. Also, it is nice knowing that in our busy clamour to reach the overhypersaturated “top” end of progression – less can still be more.

Rhealistik Vinyl Player

This item is so slick it doesn’t even exist…


P.S. The original Vinyl Killers are still available to any savvy online digger (try:, but good luck finding one at your local shop. The VW Bus version has apparently been updated recently; there is a shiny new Austin Mini model produced & distributed online by

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