Vinyl Records
David “Love” Jones, the owner of Vinyl Records, is not your average record nerd.

Vinyl Records (YVR)

Vinyl Records (YVR)

He has been spinning records since long before the recent so-called “vinyl resurgance”, he has been a Vancity radio DJ for over a decade (African Rhythms Radio), and also currently runs Vinyl Records – a shop filled with enough vinyl delights to keep any digger busy.

Vinyl Records

Although Vinyl boasts a selection of records covering virtually every genre and price-range, David’s personal taste and experience are obvious as one digs around. There are good deals to be found if you are busy and patient, but to some degree, Vinyl Records caters to distinguished vinyl palettes (check the signed LPs in the listening booth). In short, if you are looking for choice music and you want to spend all your money in one place – you should ask David for recommendations. If you take this advice however, be warned; David knows his vinyl and its worth. He will undoubtedly give you great records, but dropping the needle could cost a bundle and if you don’t want to buy what is handed over… you should stop and seriously ask yourself:

“Just exactly how rare is this LP? Will I ever see this one again?”

Unless you are extremely lucky in life, unfortunately, the good stuff just isn’t free.

Vinyl picks

On any given day at Vinyl Records, one could easily (and happily) spend hundreds on rare soul and jazz (including plenty of Northern Soul, Bluenote & CTI releases), rare Brazilian & Latin picks, hard to find 45s, dope new & old school hip-hop LPs & 12″s, massive breaks of all kinds, crazy soundtracks, and of course… the Funk. Whatever you do… do NOT forget the Funk.

In addition to the “behind the counter” rarities, Vinyl’s “staff picks” are heavyweight.


PH: (604) 488.1234

319 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6


Specialty: Rare Soul/Jazz/Brazilian/Funk/Hip-Hop/Electronica Vinyl

** Pricing: 6 – 8

** (Scale: free, 2, 3, 4, fair, 6, 7, 8, 9, rip-off) ]

Note: David often has “African Rhythms Radio” promo cds on hand

Purchased at Vinyl Records:
LayersBody Language For LoversWhole Lotta
America Wake UpIt's Good To Be AliveSoul & Inspiration
Rockin ChairBreakin BreadSurvival Of Fittest
Bitch Is BlackMy Music Is HotDeath To Crack Dealers

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