4 Seasons - beggin' ad (1967)

4 Seasons - beggin' ad (1967)

In the music world, it seems what goes around often does come back around. This 4 SeasonsBeggin‘” track has repeatedly proven that it is worth it’s weight in wax. Beggin’ has been worked and re-worked over the years and has recently resurfaced thanks to Adidas and Madcon. Although the lyrics are actually fairly moody (even melodramatic), the beat and intensity make it a great party song.

There are undoubtedly people who are not impressed with covers, but it is always good to hear and see efforts polishing the lustre on a gem that will not be forgotten easily. The newish Madcon re-edit is a pretty good update; it’s not especially imaginative, but the beat is beefed-up and the hip-hop bits aren’t terrible. It’s fun. It’s a fun song.

Madcon_ -beggin'

In 1968, British group Timebox released an excellent version on Deram. Timebox softened Beggin‘ just enough to make room for some vibes and thankfully they retain the original song’s punchy appeal.
Timebox - "beggin'"Timebox-"Beggin" (Deram)

Six years later, Dutch rockers Shocking Blue also threw their loving hands in the ring with a bouncy, buzzy rendition of Beggin‘ on their near impossible to find “Good Times” LP (on Pink Elephant).

Shocking Blue - Good times

Beggin’ is a song that wants to be played loud – find yourself a copy and crank it.

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