Long Live LP!

I spend a good portion of my free life sifting through moldy stacks of rotting Gordon Lightfoot and polka gems; constantly searching for something new, something novel, anything showing elevated levels of care, thought, and expression – searching for something extraordinary. You can’t always judge a book by its cover – but sometimes you can (or at least the cover is often a good start).

When I hear a new record for the first time, I always start it from the very beginning. I like to hear the album as the artists present it: from start to finish; from unwrapping to the last revolution of the LP. The entire package is rarely 100% golden, so to find an LP that is visually stunning with brilliance also etched into the black plastic… that is a beautiful feeling. A truly great album is a work of art, it’s an experience.

If a picture is worth a thousand, then a really good LP with a really good LP cover is off the scale.



The End – Introspection (promo)
London Records: PS 560

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